WILL MCBRIDE Jazzmusiker Toby Fichelscher mit seinem Sohn Danny / Jazz musician Toby Fichelscher with his son Danny TOBBY | Berlin | 1961


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7:00 PM: "Schatten" (1960), 9 min
7:20-8:30 PM: vegetarian dinner
Ratatouille and baked potatoes with rosemary
Dessert: Gâteau au chocolat with red wine poached pears
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The screening is free of charge - a dinner costs 10€.
8:30 PM: "Tobby" (1961), 81 min

"Tobby" (1961), 81 min
Tobby is a jazz musician who is talented, yet he has a mind of his own. One day he receives a generous offer from a big concert agency: he should go on an extended tour,  not as a jazz musician, but as a pop singer. For two days Tobby thinks about the offer, weighing the financial  temptation versus the artistic compromise.  Finally he tells the agency that jazz is more important to him than making big money.

In the production papers one can find an article in „Der Spiegel“, which deals with the Beatniks and their effort to transform jazz into literature. Pohland, a trained musician, must have given much thought to jazz as an artform. Somewhere in the film there is the remark: »A jazz musician should not be compared with professional musicians who strive to interpret the music of the composer. For the jazz musicians the existing tunes are merely a stimulus for improvisation. The essential element of jazz is the creation of something new.« The artist Sigurd Kuschnerus, hired by Pohland to create the leaflet and the poster, describes jazz images in his catalogue: „They came about as a result of the hotly discussed question whether it was possible to transfer from the acustic to the visual the clearly differentiated styles of the New Orleans Jazz to Bebop. Of course, the playful and improvisational element should remain present in the images.«

Photographic style, editing, improvisation: Jean-Luc Godard had tried out some-thing new the year.

before in his film »A bout de souffle« (Breathless), which inspired Pohland greatly: The director should be less dependent on the script or rigid directions and have more freedom in the mis-en-scène.

Press Link: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/kultur/grossformat-die-naechtlichen-schatten-des-jazz-1.4157554


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