Speisekino // "The other side of AI"

(c) "Pepe Dayaw" by Andi Weiland | berlinergazette.de cc by sa

POPULAR UNREST During the Berlin Gazette conference

The special issue of ZK/U's "Speisekino" - this time on a Saturday - is the closing event of Berliner Gazette conference AMBIENT REVOLTS. Motto: Challenge Artificial Intelligence!

7.00-8.30 PM:
Cooking performance by Pepe Dayaw (Nowhere Kitchen)
Sari-sari plate - 'sari-sari' in Tagalog means many things in one. 
A mix of things, each taste connects with the other. A plate of integration. A cooking of island consciousness. Many colors are welcome in this one complete meal. And its cooking is the shared story of many who have cooked before this one. It will be vegetarian to suit every voice. it will be delicious to satisfy every tongue.

Please send your binding reservations until Friday evening (9.11.) by e-mail: [email protected]

The screening is free of charge - a dinner costs 10€.

At 8.30 PM we will show the multi-episode drama “Popular Unrest” by Melanie Gilligan.
Introduction by Max Haiven - Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University in Northwest Ontario and director of the ReImagining Value Action Lab (RiVAL).

More information about the film and the conference:

Speisekino // Food and Footage is part of Shared Cities: Creative Momentum and co-funded by the European Union's Creative Europe Program and the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.