Speisekino Moabit 2013 #6

Social Fiction

'Living together', a Movie and Food Compilation by Kisch

What will the future of our cities look like? At ZK/U artists, theorists, activists, scientists and other interested try to find answers to this question. The theories, attempts, visions and fictions (and a whole lot of them could apply to Moabit as well) are manifold. With the science fiction movie "Code 46" filmmaker Michael Winterbottom shows one possible horror scenario. The impacts of biotechnology on the Earth are disastrous. The ozone layer almost disappeared, the Earth turned into a desert, the cities are crowded, heavily controlled and only accessible through checkpoints, a totalitarian government has taken control. The scenery is not an artificial futuristic one but shows the urban design of modern metropolises of today. Within this setting the love-story of a government investigator and a forger takes place.  

English with German subtitles

Speisekino Moabit

From April until October this year Speisekino Moabit shows movies and serves a menu going along with it at the former railway station on Siemensstrasse. In May and April the movies will be shown in the great hall of ZKU, June until October in the Stadtgarten or at the roofed terrasse. Entrance is free, whoever wants can get a 5,00-Euro menu.

Entrance: Free
Menu: 5,00 Euro
Venue: Hall of the Center for Art and Urbanistics (ZK/U), Siemensstra├če 27, 10551 Berlin

This project is supported by the Program Soziale Stadt.