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The next OPENHAUS PLUS, an extended version of the regular public format, takes place in May, offering audiences the opportunity to get to know current projects and explore the processes of ZK/U’s residents.
The Berlin Fact-Finding Committee (“UA”) intends to tie local discourse to global practices brought to ZK/U Berlin by its international artists-in-residence, helping the international community to understand Berlin’s unique challenges. The temporary Fact-Finding Committee presents its findings in a final report and is supplemented by two artistic positions from Berlin during OPENHAUS PLUS.

The third Fact-Finding Committee (UA#03): Solidarity³ explores the connections between art, club culture and resistant structures. The question ‘If under attack - how to react?’ constitutes the framework for their inquiry into the rise of the right, the availability of spaces, and the precariousness of contemporary cultural existence. The theme of solidarity offers a common ground for the projects featured during OPENHAUS PLUS. While one research project highlights the aspect of mutual support amongst artistic communities facing precariousness, another deals with the destruction of social symbols of mobility. A video installation looks at collective efforts of transforming abandoned sites, while private performances scrutinize exclusiveness of luxury property development.
Other artistic projects focus on the flow of time. A performance piece showing the parallelism between time-space and sound-body will be presented alongside a video installation investigating the role of memory in the refractions of conscience, as well as a stop-motion video displaying future scenarios for a dystopian urbanized world. Even an inquiry into the dissemination of contemporary warfare online will be shown as part of this month’s OPENHAUS PLUS.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the artists and researchers-in-residence and explore ZK/U’s space and surroundings, to ask questions, to discuss and to exchange ideas about ongoing projects and artistic practices.

This month with: Pablo Alboreda, Semâ Bekirović, Kate Fahey, Noa Heyne, Pawel Jankiewicz, Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, Elena Mazzi, YaseminÖzcan, Cha Ji Ryang, Karl Ingar Røys, Byungseo Yoo, Laura Yuile.

19.00 - 22.30 Open studios, drinks & food
17.00h Katharsis der Räume: Meeting Point Hansaplatz
19.00h Funeral Performance by FFC #03
19.30h Food
20.00h Guided Tour (ENG)
20.45h Lecture Performance by Yasemin Özcan
21.45h Performance by Christine Bonansea & Byungseo Yoo
22.30h End
Free entry

// The project 'Fact Finding Committee' is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

Pablo Alboreda

GRAND TOUR: The Great Beauty of Incompiuto Siciliano

In the last 50 years, a considerable amount of public works has remained unfinished in Sicily, a phenomenon that lacked any meaning until the group of artists Alterazioni Video labelled it an architectural style: Incompiuto Siciliano. Drawing from this original interpretation, my project is a set of three experimental videos that were filmed during a one-week trip in which I visited a dozen unfinished constructions. The goal is to mediate that, beyond their seemingly
ghostly presence, a broad set of aesthetic experiences and emotional responses are triggered by these sites.

Noa Heyne


The stop-motion animation video Entropia is part of series Posthumous Adaptations, which imagines life in the world we humans will leave behind, where concrete rubble from urbanization and war-stricken cities turn into geological layers, and new life forms emerge. In Entropia, the skin of the creatures and the surface of the land become one and the same, both bearing the marks of a history that was created by unknown players. The name of the video as well as the numbers on the land plates, implies the existence of a certain order, which is broken as the narrative progresses. The video does not give away a clear distinction between order and disorder: the progression could be that of creation or disintegration, and the breaking down could be of a man-made land or the creatures’ habitat.

Kate Fahey


Through the mobilisation of glitchy texts as a productive mode of interruption and pause, Kate Fahey's project explores ways to disrupt, transform and reconfigure language, bodies (both human and non-human) and technology. For Openhaus the artist will present a series of short publications of text and images produced on residency at ZK/U along with a series of works in progress.

Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez

Memory, Refraction and Time

"Memory, Refraction and Time" reflects upon how we are constructed simultaneously through memory and time, drawing a parallel between: childhood, adulthood and old age with past, present and future. Our refractions between those realms constitute our (un)conscience and sense of being, our becoming.

Elena Mazzi

The artist, after all, is (not) working (2019)

The posters here presented are the result of a workshop that took place on April 16th here at ZK/U during the event called Prekarisierung/ Selbstausbeutung: Was tun, wenn’s brennt?

During that day, the artist investigated the precarious work realities that dominate the cultural sector, opening up discussion and exchange between participants. As part of the workshop, the artist asked them to define their actual and ideal division of time in their everyday life (choosing between Practice, Sleep, Work, Life), drawing it onto a graphic.

Here, Mazzi invited the participants of the open house to enlarge the survey, doing the same exercise.

Yasemin Özcan

Neşe Strasse

Since January Yasemin Özcan resides in Berlin as part of a program co-organized by ngbk and DEPO. Recently she has been working mainly with ceramic and text. She is currently working on a story, which is a continuation of her performance at ngbk on the 31st of March 2019 : Heart of the Flâneuse. Özcan will share the progress of the text-performance.

Karl Ingar Røys

Wir Bleiben Alle (Hermeneutic Temptations)

Burning cars as a form of urban protest has become a growing phenomenon in many European cities. In 2016, 372 cars were set on fire in Berlin. Burning and destroying cars expresses something more than just a simple urge to vandalize private property. Cars offer and symbolize a form of (social) mobility and an opportunity for change. This is

something some people lack or oppose, both in terms of fear and resistance of the multicultural or an overwhelming gentrification. Read and interpreted in this context, a car has many meanings and ideas associated with it. However, it is perhaps not just as a symbol that the car is important, but also rather as a communication unit between several different realities. Using a car in this way, as a starting point for opening up new understanding of reality that insists on being explored, not only challenges the different interpretations of these events, but also the very understanding of a city itself.

Cha Ji Ryang

Good Morning : Good Night

When I was leaving for Berlin, my friend gave me a clock. The time on the clock was set to Seoul. Wherever I stay, I irregularly sleep and eat. I can see a park from my room. Sometimes, I met angels and the bats there. The people who left their home. Pauses and moves, time flows at their own pace. 

*Collaboration : Ki Ki, Stefan Grifka


Laura Yuile

Asset Arrest

An ongoing research project revolving around a series of viewings of luxury properties, with different invited guests, as a kind of “private performance”. In an attempt to “publish” these seemingly inaccessible spaces, the properties are recorded, mapped and deconstructed through conversations, re-enactments, and a growing library of promotional brochures.

Byungseo Yoo & Christine Bonansea

Parallel and Phase

The composer artist Byungseo Yoo and choreographer Christine Bonansea give attention to the variation of time space using the interaction of the sound and the body. Their collaborative research generate a sensitive material revealing the dimensionality and fluctuations of time space through the both medium movements The performance at ZK/u will be a choreographic and soundscape instant composition. The artists will offer a live experimentation that generates an energetic kinetic environment, creating a sensitive and unique experience that reveal the ephemeral body through time space.

Fact Finding Committee #03

Katharsis der Freiräume

In remembrance of the free spaces of our city, the Fact Finding Committee #03 invites to ZK/U all the people involved with a collective condolence. The funeral procession starts at 5pm at Hansaplatz. Following, the funeral will take place at 7pm at ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics. Visitors will find artefacts of the dead spaces, flowers for the gravesite, brooms and spoons as a symbol of catharsis.

You are all welcome to join the funeral: let us know in advance if you want to hold a funeral speech for your cultural space. The funeral service is supported by the artists Kathia von Roth and Mate.

Besides that the UA03 is presenting it`s publication: "Solidarity³ - Between Art, (Club-)Culture and Resistant Structures".