Mari Mattsson, "Time Teller" at OPENHAUS NOVEMBER 2022 (c) Elisa Georgi, 2022


March 23 2023 / 7 - 11 pm

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

On March 23 from 7 pm, the residents of ZK/U Berlin will open the doors of their studios for OPENHAUS MARCH.

The OPENHAUS invites to experience the diverse interests of the artists-in-residence, reflected and resonating in sound, installations, performances, multi-lingual spoken word poetry, video, research and text. The residents are looking forward to share their ideas and work-in-progress about anticoloniality and black imagination, collectivity and education, unexpected social interaction, accidents and community mapping.

In addition to the residents who live and work in ZK/U permanently, we are very pleased to get insight in ongoing and new projects in ZK/U:

The collective MOHA, which invites the local care workers 4beimir/Futur Uno to hold a public team meeting on OPENHAUS as part of their project "Who Cares?", where they will talk about their organisation, financial problems, schedules and more. 

A brand new ZK/U project introduces itself in the 'Landing': ClimArt starts today in an almost three-year real-life laboratory to increase urban climate resilience through creative-artistic interventions. We look forward to first insights and opportunities for participation.

'Ständige Vertretung' will host a first insight on ZK/U’s new community program curated by Lena Wegmann.

Participating Artists

Vasiliy and Stepan Subbotin (part of ZIP group)

An Ecosystem in Exile

Marta Fumagalli Riccardo Pirovano - Jukai collective

Genius Loci

Aarti Sunder

Nodal Narratives of the Deep Sea

Sibongile Oageng Msimango

Vula Kuvaliwe (open when closed)

SONDER - Peter Behrbohm & Anton Steenbock

ZIZ Total Earth

D' Andrade
Walla Capelobo

Ultra-poetry: procedural feelings

Yonatan Kunda

“Alef Bet الف-بيت אלף-בית “ \\ “The Tish”

Vangjush Vellahu

What the map cuts up, the story cuts across (Fragments II)

Igor Ponosov

Cozy corner