OPENHAUS August 2021

(c) ZK/U Berlin, 2021

within ortstermin 21

ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

On August 27, ZK/U Berlin will host another OPENHAUS, this time within the frame of the Moabit art festival ortstermin 21. For the first time in over one year, the studios of ZK/U’s artists-in-residence will once again be open to the public. The temporary, experimental platform of Construction Explained stands as an additional stage on which video installations and sound artworks of the artists-in-residence will be presented.

The event kick-off will be a performance by Klimakunstlabor, presenting the current status of their field laboratory on the topic of urban climate change. On the terrace, PARKomplex invites the audience to share their story. The newly-founded hyperdynamic artist collective examines the topic of equality in the public space, specifically the Moabiter Stadtgarten, through an activistic perspective.

Participating artists:

Claude Alma / Laura Arena / Gal Amiram / Grayson Earle / Nathalie Harb / Kristine Hymøller / Klimakunstlabor / Grace Euna Kim / Mano Leyrado / Daniella Mooney / PARKomplex / Alice Pedroletti / Diana Righini / Jordan Rowe / Jessica Segall / Remco Torenbosch / Max Utech 

More information will follow shortly on www.zku-berlin.org and ZK/U’s social media channels.

Participating Artists

Alice Pedroletti

ATRII / Berlin - The city, the island

Mano Leyrado

Hybrid origins

Jordan Rowe

The urban night laboratory and the 24-hour museum

Laura Arena

Objects, mythologies and portraits of social power: Postcolonial Intepretations from the collection

Kristine Hymøller

The Concept of the Megastructure

Nathalie Harb

Textures of Domesticity

Jessica Segall


Gal Amiram

Where It All Began

Grayson Earle

why don’t the cops fight each other?

Diana Righini

Bauen, right to the city

Remco Torenbosch

Residency at ZK/U

Max Utech

MA16 - for a living monument

Daniella Mooney

extending limbs / making moves

Claude Alma

Out of Ear-th

Grace Euna Kim

Language should be tortured to tell the truth.