Jan van Esch

(c) Jan van Esch, Nicolas Concha, 2019

Gift (EN/DE)

The culture of giving has long been presented to us as something holy. From religious texts to dubious festive season marketing, we are subconsciously reassured that to give is the most noble of actions.

Jan van Esch and collaborators deconstructs this narrative by delving into the otherwise ignored psychological motives and power play between giver and receiver, embodied by second hand clothes (mitumba) 'donated' in the North and 'received' in the South.

The collaborative works form an installation with videos, sound and mitumba/usedclothes produced in Berlin (2018) and Dar es Salaam (2019-2020)

(c) Jan van Esch, 2020
(c) Jan van Esch, 2020

This residency is made possible with the kind support of Ark Tanzania.