Instant - Biography of a Moment

Die Etage Tanz-Performance

Time and Date: 30.09, 01.10, 02.10, 10pm

Tickets 9 - 15 €

Reservation: 030-691 20 95

In a performance installation piece, dancers question their bodies as objects in space. Risking encounters, they tell their stories through their movements.

How many and what perspectives are told through this is left for the audience to decide. The public will move freely through the room and through the stories that are being told, told, writing spontaneous and instant biographies.

The energy of the dancers in the ZK/U cellar of an old railway station will be acoustically transformed through a DJ’s beats.

Reservations: 030-691 20 95

afterparty 1.10.2016 
with DJ Jacob Stoy 
late entry 7 €

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1428225543878165/