Hanna & Kerttu Concert

The Hanna & Kerttu Want Their Instrument Back Concert

After suffering the theft of their instruments at the last Fete de la Musique, Hanna & Kerttu are organsing a fundraising concert in cooperation with ZK/U, to replace the equipment, so we can enjoy them back on stage.

Somewhere halfway between Finland and Norway HANNA & KERTTU met - in a mystical world of colours - between reality and fiction. Forest Pop, the title of their upcoming album, describes the music perfectly. The organic character of the songs rises from the analog sounds of the forest - taken and morphed into electronic samples. The album takes you by the hand to guide you through this magically created forest of wonders. The Morning is the starting point to a journey of discovery. The song makes his way through soft melodies, guiding you deeper and deeper into the heart of the album. 
The duo met in Scandinavia in 2011 and now resides and works in Berlin. The Finnish name is based on the Brothers Grimm's fairy tale 'Hansel and Gretel' and means 'Hanna & Gretel'. The album was recorded in the Kaiku Studios during a mild spring in 2014. Mixed and produced by the talented Jonas Verwijnen (The Whitest Boy Alive) and mastered by Pete Maher (Lana Del Rey, Jack White) it's atmospheric sound full of melodica, glockenspiel and synths reminds of artists such as Björk, Coco Rosie or Múm.