(c) Tanja Knaus

Opening match Germany - China

In almost all types of sports, women and men are separated - but is this distinction really as “natural” as it is made to seem? An afternoon of football, documentaries, interactive info-points and much more about perceptions of sex and gender.

13.30 Doors open

14.00 Film screening
“Too Fast to be a Woman” (2011, 45 min.): A movie about Caster Semenya, the South-African runner whose sex is questioned because of her speed. When a man runs so fast that he outruns everyone else time after time, people might suspect doping but never question his masculinity. When a woman is that fast, it’s not just doping allegations that must be defended; people tend to question her sex as well. What does testosterone do to a body? Is there really a clear border between male and female?

14.55 Word of welcome by Stephan von Dassel, district mayor Berlin-Mitte
15.00 Match Germany - China 1
15.45 Break: Conversation round in our “Safe Space” with gender and sex expert Marijke Bremmer
16.00 Match Germany - China 2
16.45 - 18.00 Discussion round & film screenings

This event series is sponsored by the Berlin Senate administration for Health, Care and Equality as well as Engagement Global GmbH in the context of the Service Agency Communities in One World programme funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the district office of Berlin-Mitte.