Solidarity³ -Between Art, (Club-) Culture and Resistant Structures

Fact Finding Committee #03

ISBN 978-3-945659-12-0
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ZK/U’s Fact Finding Committee #03 has investigated solidary and anti-fascist practices and communities, and explored to what extent a decentralized solidary movement already exists and how cultural actors are or could be supporting this.

ZK/U has invited Lena Fritsch, Larissa Krause, Thomas Lehnen and Michel Klaus Sperber from Berlin’s club culture field to research solidarity between art, (club) culture and resistant structures. This also includes the reflection of their own activist practices and the connection to other groups and forms of action. Their focus points include the rise of the right, spaces and precarisation/self exploitation, and are exemplary for the activities of several solidary movements that have come into being in the past years as a response to the upswing of the rightwing movement in society and politics, and the increasingly harsh fight for survival amongst many. Cultural workers are also more and more involved - but how does this politicization influence conscious actions and claims of validity in the cultural sector?

This booklet is the third edition and part of a series of Fact Finding Committees that the Center for Art and Urbanistics has appointed for the clarification of Berlin’s injustices and the development of potential approaches and solutions. The public programme by Fact Finding Committee #03 not only facilitated an exchange on the project’s most important topics; it also brought groups and individuals together so they could link and expand their networks. The final report presents collective knowledge production, and aims to share practical experiences and tips for self-organization in resistance with other and future solidarity movements.

Fact Finding Committee #03 Solidarity³

Curatorial & Editorial Direction:
Lena Fritsch, Larissa Krause, Thomas Lehnen, Michel Klaus Sperber
Translation: Katja Kajikhina, Joanna Mitchell
Editing: Linn Jenschovar, Joanna Mitchell
Concept & Graphic Design: Laboratory of Manuel Bürger, Seb Holl-Trieu
The cover design was based on an illustration by Jule Roschlau

ZK/U Fact Finding Committee:

Artistic Direction: KUNSTrePUBLIK
Coordination: Lotta Schäfer

ISBN: 978-3-945659-12-0

Format: Stapled booklet, with DINA2 poster, 50 pages,  21 x 29,7 cm

Number of editions: 100

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