Model Project Haus der Statistik (Vol 1)

Initiative and Vision

ISBN 978-3-945659-19-9
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The model project House of Statistics developed at Berlin Alexanderplatz has been gaining international recognition since 2015 and is considered a renowned urban development project that sets new standards. Affordable apartments, a new city hall as well as space for administration and art, culture, education and social projects are to be developed there by 2029. Behind the model project is a history of civil society involvement, unusual partnerships and the daring to try out new things and to see the process as an opportunity. Issue 1 of the multi-part brochure series looks back on the genesis of the Initiative Haus der Statistik, which developed a vision of solidarity and community for the vacant building complex from the GDR in the summer of 2015. Succinct chapters tell how the urban society organized itself in the years that followed, how the process ultimately led to today's so-called Koop5, the five cooperation partners, in a novel constellation of actors from civil society, politics, and administration, is developing the Haus der Statistik into a quarter oriented toward the common good under a joint responsibility, and which next phases are announced in the development process.

Illustrations (c) Maria Garcia, Thomas Rustemeyer, 2020