Take Care

Ständige Vertretung (c) Ishka Michocka, 2018

A call for collective care between ZK/U, the artists-in-residence and communities in Moabit and beyond.

JAN 01 - JUNE 30 2023

ZK/U is a place of exchange rooted in the Moabit neighbourhood and at the same time connected to international artists, movements and groups. In order to offer more space to local Berlin initiatives, Ständige Vertretung (SV) was launched in 2018 in collaboration with ConstructLab, Refunc and StudioC. Since then, the sculptural project space has offered production, work and exhibition opportunities to Berlin-based cultural workers and has provided shelter and a new public sphere for many Berlin-based independent cultural workers, collectives and initiatives in precarious situations.

In collaboration with the community worker Lena Wegmann, low-threshold free spaces and spaces of experience will be developed from March to June 2023 together with three selected artists. The aim is to reach Moabit communities in the park around the ZK/U and to integrate them into the artistic practice at Ständige Vertretung. In the process, reciprocity, making different perspectives visible and respect are at the centre of the artistic debate.

In three projects, each lasting 6 weeks, the community worker and the artists will develop artistic interventions in order to use the Ständige Vertretung as a place of dialogue in ZK/U together with the Moabit communities. The park users will be able to co-develop the offers in a self-determined way according to their interests and wishes. We want to promote encounters and understanding and enable new forms of exchange between the Moabiters and ZK/U and once again build bridges between the global discourses taking place in ZK/U and the local practices in the immediate neighbourhood.

(c) Arturas Morozovas, 2018

Public Moments

25.05. - OPENHAUS MAY // Pfandstraße & What the heck is climate justice?​​​​​​​


07.06. - URBAN CARE PICNICN // FLINTA + critical nailcare

15.06. - URBAN CARE PICNIC // more than human storytelling

22.06. - URBAN CARE PICNIC // Pfandstraße


07.07. - URBAN CARE PICNIC // Maintenance is not a methapor.

10.07. - URBAN CARE PICNIC // Pfandstraße

14.07. - URBAN CARE PICNIC // What the heck is climate justice?

Funded by STIFTUNG KUNSTFONDS from the program of the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) NEUSTART KULTUR.