Rethink Open-Form

A cooperation between ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin, DE) and MOM - Museum of Housing Estates (Lublin, PL)

Mar 2018 - Oct 2019

Rethinking Open-Form is an ongoing collaborative research tackling socio-political transformations around housing-estates built in East Europe between ‘60 and ‘80. Triggered by the comparison analysis between 2nd section of Karl Marx Allee (East-Berlin) and Słowacki Housing Estate (Lublin, Poland), project continues to look at the archaeology of modernist housing from the perspectives of urban anthropology, political education, visual/cultural studies and real-estate development.

By using and further interpreting the theory of Open-Form, coined by the architect and pedagogists Oskar Hansen, this research looks at the multilayered micro-histories, invisible traces of resistance, localized cultural practices and contestations over the possible futures. 

A project by ZK/U Berlin in cooperation with MoM (Muzeum Osiedli Mieszkaniowych) Lublin, Poland.

Project Director: Matthias Einhoff
Artistic direction: Miodrag Kuč
Curated by: Olesia Vitiuk (Berlin) and Paulina Paga (Lublin)

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