Knowledgescapes of Urban Utopias

(c) Miodrag Kuc, 2022

reflecting upon utopian narratives and transformational patterns of the two monofunctional cities Eisenhüttenstadt and Visaginas

2021 - 2022

The project Knowledgescapes of Urban Utopias reflects upon utopian narratives and transformational patterns of two monofunctional cities (Eisenhüttenstadt/Visaginas) and regions attached to them. Defined by and dependent on heavy industries (steel, nuclear energy), those cities developed specific socio-economical landscapes, characterised by migration and labor struggles. This peripheral situation however produces interesting cultural actors; local ambassadors of change that decided to re-think utopias from the pioneering generation that formed the city. In our activities we aim to strengthen these actors and cooperation among them, by supporting their local engagement especially in the role of expanding the meaning of museums. We would also like to use the strategy of capacity-building and empowerment of local socio-cultural spaces, which in combination with museums can form the base for the missing civic sector in the provincial cities. By doing so, they can bring important political questions outside local councils and propose alternative visions for the both cities.  

Continuation of the project under the name MONO MORE.

A project by ZK/U Berlin, in cooperation with Museum of Utopia and Daily Life (Eisenhüttenstadt) and Laboratory of Critical Urbanism (European Humanities University, Vilnius).

The project is part of the programm Culture of Solidarity funded by European Cultural Foundation and Federal Agency for Civic Education.