citizenship — Raise the Roof!

(c) KUNSTrePUBLIK, 2022

From Berlin to Kassel by Roof-Boat


A decade of collective brainstorming and action has literally shaken the timbers of the pitched roof at ZK/U, and charged it full of energy. Now, for documenta fifteen, ZK/U plans literally to raise the roof and sail off in it to Kassel. For several weeks, the upturned roof becomes a roof-boat, a citizenship, carrying the extended crew through central Germany to Kassel, on the Havel, Weser and Fulda rivers and the Mittelland canal.

The citizenship begins its journey with nothing on board but its crew. Food, fuel, a place to sleep, and a cultural program are sourced from day to day, in cooperation with associations, port and city authorities, companies, artists, and interested members of the public, wherever the roof-boat stops. Dependence on local structures and support is part of the citizenship concept, for it opens the travelers’ eyes to conditions both in small villages and larger cities such as Hannover, Wolfsburg, and Braunschweig, and sparks communication.

Not fossil fuel but people power propels the citizenship from Berlin to Kassel. Local community groups and chance passers-by are invited to join the changing crews in paddling, cycling, towing, pushing, and whatever else it takes to keep the roof-boat moving for 650 km. citizenship in this way stands as a symbol of our times, for the roof-boat can progress only when people cooperate!

Art Collaborators

Art Ashram
Arved Schultze
ConstructLab - Alexander Römer
Co–Re (Contextual Research) Daniel Seiple
Citizens of Nature
Gob Squad Arts Collective
IAK - Institut für Architekturbezogene Kunst TU Braunschweig
Kunstverein St. Pauli
Kristina Miller
Lea Søvsø
Madar Collective
Picnic FM
Rene Shenouda
Schneider TM & Tomoko Nakasato
Selbstgebaute Musik
With Deepest Regards

The project citizenship is a ZK/U project by the artist collective KUNSTrePUBLIK (Matthias Einhoff, Philip Horst, Harry Sachs) and is their contribution to documenta fifteen in Kassel.

The community program at citizenship is produced in collaboration with the artists Jan van Esch & Kristina Miller.

The boat construction was designed, planned and built by Jonas Hohmann.

Modules for art and everyday life: xyz open city - by N55 and Till Wolfer.


citizenship production team:

Boat construction: Felix Kremer - boat builder, Ilja Borgböhmer, David Becker - carpenter, Seb Birch - co-designer 

Assistance production: Leo Busch, Isabel Magritz & Arda Yeldan
Community involvement: Lea Schleiffenbaum
Design + Web Development: Lars Neckel & Lars Hayer

Hydropedal drive: Alexander Callsen & Ole Voss
Fraunhofer Institute Kassel - Roland Gaber
FH Wildau - Prof. Michael Herzog & students
University of Rostock - Department of Naval Architecture - Prof. Florian Sprenger, Iven Sponholz