Active CITY(zens)

View of the roof terrace being built at ZK/U (c) Elisa Georgi, 2023

Creating new prototypes of culture programming to rediscover unique public spaces and create new forms of vibrant short performance bites

2023 - 2024

A shared vision brought together four partners working with challenging urban localities in Prague, Berlin, Skopje and Ukraine, with the goal to develop innovative urban stage performances geared toward new audience development. 

As part of Active CITY(zens) project, all four project partners (Berlin, Prague, Skopje, Ukraine) consider exact time frames for developing particular audience interaction: whether it is 10 seconds, 10 days, 10 months or 10 years. 

By creating new prototypes of culture programming, the activities in Berlin will redirect some of the attention the public is currently giving to advertising and commerce to rediscover unique public spaces and create new forms of vibrant short performance bites. Striving to reach both local and global community members, passersby and train commuters to develop new types of audiences for new types of performances. The innovative approach rests on the strategic synergies between digital, analogue performance-based techniques and current PR practices. Three prototypes, developed and tested by partners, will be used to draw attention of commuters and passers-by in a short time period and direct them to artistic activities supporting rejuvenation of complex urban spaces, and protection of community heritage.

10-seconds @ ZK/U

ZK/U - Urban Stage in Berlin offers a unique location. The area combines train commuters, a city community, and socio-economically disadvantaged residents. The former train station space, surrounded by a park in the midst of these diverse socio-economic areas, poses an interesting challenge to create inclusive programming for all types of potential audiences. At ZK/U, we will focus our attention on the roof of the building to create short-performance installations accessible to a large number of daily train commuters, as well as pedestrians, park visitors, and members of the surrounding community. By using analogue performance techniques on the roof combined with digital, social media, and travel communication channels, we intend to spread the news about upcoming short performances and build new audiences through repetition. This is an attempt to create a simple cultural intervention into the everyday commute, hopefully replacing aimless phone surfing during "in-between time" with a super short performance.

The project is supported by the Creative Europe Programme.