Xuedan (Echo) Tang


Xuedan Tang (Echo, b.1994) comes from Chengdu, China and has studied in Shanghai, New York, and London with a bachelor's in Poli Sci and a master's in Arts Management. Three keywords in her life are: explore, create, connect.

She has worked as a documentary producer professionally in China, and now she is a Berlin-based cultural researcher of the German Chancellor Fellowship.

During her fellowship with ZK/U, She aspires to investigate the ecosystem of the thriving art spaces and cultural institutions in Berlin and explore how to use arts and culture to motivate citizens to be active participants and co-creators in shaping their cultural landscape and urban lives.

One of her ongoing major interests also lies in the cinema field - exploring the possibility to use curated film programs as a discursive platform for transnational and transcultural narratives and exchanges, a public space to critically raise questions and start dialogues.

Through and beyond this one-year journey, she envisions promoting cultural exchange and meaningful dialogue between China and Germany, and more widely, the West.