Verónica Troncoso


"I am an academic as well as visual artist and sound artist. Much of my creative work results in visual and sound installations which often focus on a place with a specific theme. The materials of my research fasten on the documents, personal stories and archives about the repression in Chile during the dictatorship in the 1970’s. This theme encompasses a multitude of intersections. Exile can be seen as a symbol of flux, information sharing and resistance in different countries which have elements of political history in common.

I am in search of tongues that express the end of the utopias and the experience of exchange, in order to produce a new form of reflection about the real and imaginary borders. I work with different materials : archive files, sounds, photographies, drawings and texts, which I lay out in real or digital spaces. The exhibition area is a place from where I can pass on ideas about the resistance in different times and in a different contexts. My work rests on experiences with communities. Indeed, I am trying to confront different realities by exploring places and archives in parallel."