STUDIO URBANISTAN is a label for performative interventions in urban spaces. Interfacing created realities and hidden subjects STUDIO URBANISTAN creates new / unknown spaces of experience and encounter, oscillating between everyday live and fiction, in order to break rules and conventions of disputed areas. The projects are based on starring performers and / or people from the local communities, individual stories and storytelling in urban spaces. STUDIO URBANISTAN uses research and observation to approach to the chosen topics: hunting forgotten treasures, being peephole-spies of the present or acting like academics that meticulously collect urban garbage. The utopian moments of ordinary life they are seeking for, provide a documentary platform for their playful experiments which shimmer somewhere between audio tour, site-specific performance and research theater.

STUDIO URBANISTAN stands for the collaborative work of Julia Lehmann and Clara Minckwitz.

Clara Minckwitz studied Cultural Sciences and aesthetic practice in Hildesheim and Porto (Portugal). Since 2012 she realizes various projects as a freelancing director, performer and cultural manager. Furthermore she works as an online editor for MDR KULTUR in Leipzig and Halle and is a member of the improvisation theatre group Improsant, the music theatre collective James & Priscilla and the theatre network cobratheater.cobra.