Martin Kiman Zsófia Szőke

Martin Kiman is a multi-disciplinary artist who works primarily with painting, video, and site-specific installations. His work delves into the relationship between the unrestrained mind and physical reality through the use of colour, composition, and fragmentation. In his paintings, this exploration is evident through the application of loose smudges, blurred blotches, and stains combined with precise geometrical arrangements. The varied approach between given pieces or even within one piece pertains to dualities of turmoil and calm, order and disarray, natural and man-made. In his site-specific installations he aims to react to the given environment and alter it in to create a contemplative space.

Zsófia Szőke is a Hungarian architect and artist based in Budapest. She studied Architecture and Engineering at TU Budapest, and spent a semester at the HAWK in Hildesheim, Germany, gaining experience at KSP Architekten in Braunschweig. After completing her MSc with a graduation project on Identity for a commuter rail in 2011, she focused on Kuki Wonderland, a research project exploring the relationship between the body and architecture. This project was put into practice through two summer workshops at EASA. In 2013, Zsófia moved to Rotterdam, where she worked for local architectural firms before joining the international design team at Studio Maks. There, she broadened her skills to include design, art, and urbanism. Zsófia continued to develop her artistic practice and socially critical attitude towards production of space during her studies at the Studio for Immediate Spaces course at Sandberg Institute Amsterdam. She learned from numerous recognized architects and artists before returning to Budapest to actively apply her multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to the regional architectural discourse and the craft of international relevance.