Mano Leyrado


Manuel Leyrado, better know as Mano Leyrado (Bs. As, august 22, 1987) is an Argentinean artist and curator. His practice includes installations, performance, video and net-art. He produces conceptual artworks approaching issues related to language, culture, internet, relationships and identity.

In december 2018 he finished his work as Curator and Cultural producer. His highlighted art experience are the exhibitions at KCB from Belgrade, CCR and Palais de Glace from Buenos Aires, the EAC from Montevideo and Mindpirate in Berlin. Also, he collaborated in Art Basel Cities BA, Faca, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Für Gegenwart (Berlin), Pictoplasma (Berlin), Estado Lateral Media Lab and Forward. As a cultural producer, he co-founded the contemporary art space called CPU and co-developed “Pirámide Selva”, a cultural platform that linked more than 300 young artist in Buenos Aires between 2013 and 2017.