Haeyoung Seo

(South Korea)

Haeyoung always tries to make process-oriented sculpture through reflecting one’s physical conditions or life experiences to reject idealistic sculptures. Throughout her training in traditional sculpture, she felt that existing work methods push artists to take every possible means for the result and give inordinate meanings in it; and this makes the field of sculpture more authoritative and formal. It led her to question ‘What is contemporary sculpture? What type of work could I do as a woman and an artist?’ The work is a process of exploring the answer to this question and documenting her own life.

Motivated by her preference for mountains, Sculpting in a Mountain (2012~) is a process-centered sculptural project that made a foray into associating my everyday life with art. Carrying and using only materials she could carry herself to the mountain creating a work that is determend by her physical condition and the amount of materials and contents she could carry . Making Tools for Female Artists (2014~2016) is working on feministic collaborations through handicraft work in order to create a working environment that conforms to the female condition and situation. Additionally, she has been executing her own methodologies of sculpture throughout diverse projects.