Despina Charitonidi


Despina charitonidi's artistic language varies through sculptures, site specific installations and performative works. These three ways of expression challenges her equally. While her research is developed in the studio, its manifestation unfolds from relatively intimate spaces to the public sphere.

Her practice has changed through the years as she likes to experiment and collaborate. Since 2016 she has formed an artist duo with Panos Profitis. In her collaboration and her individual practice, her sculptural background contributes to the understanding of space and helps her build up environments. Fundamental characteristic of her work lies on the study of the properties of different materials and the connotations they evoke to the viewer.

In performances the core idea begins by the human act. Despina treates the body as a tool of limited capabilities, uncontrolled fragility and mimic repetition. Αs she comes from a family of builders, she feels comfortable and more familiar to work with construction materials, which at the same time, does not restrict her from approaching more delicate mediums, such as ceramics. Many of her works introduce the notions of weight, fall, balance and the relationship between power and intimacy.