Project at ZK/U - Felix Kalmenson

Felix Kalmenson ( Canada )

The direction that I want to take this research for the ZKU residency is to explore the architectures of neoliberal systems of publicness both in their physical manifestations in space but also more intangible and ephemeral structures such as language, the space of the internet, and our shared semiology. Drawing on the theme of ‘From Scratch’ I want to investigate how these ephemeral moments of publicness are formed and governed and the systems that produce them. Is it possible to manipulate both the rigid and intangible structures? What would appropriation of space look like in these new spatial constructions and is it possible to construct a critical publicness in these rigid spatial and social structures. Further- more, I want to situate this current structural publicness in a history of publicness, with an emphasis of on spatial manifestations. Through this investigation I hope to better understand the structural underpinnings of this paradigm shift and how it differs from those shifts prior. With this knowledge I hope to further explore how to make this shifts visible, how to reveal this changing nature of space and individual relations and reflect it back to society so that a critical publicness could be formed. With the findings from workshops with colleagues and the public I hope to formulate experimental social spaces and architectures that can be installed in these new sites of publicness in hopes of interrupting that space and embedding a criticality within it. These interventions could take the shape of sound installation, performance, temporary architectures, and happenings.