Modes of tactics in a misty archive - Secil Yersel

Secil Yersel

Since 1994, Yersel has been experiencing in-between spaces, suspended, vacuumed corners of the city texture and areas, situational places that might be defined as 'third spaces' or points of intersections with the help of photography and sound. Coming from Istanbul; from a city of ruptures: the city that witnessed the collapse of an empire, pogroms, forced migrations, the ultra-modernist construction of a republic, unsustained waves of inner migration, demographic explosion, class divisions, cultural polarizations, deregulative policies on urban decisions, magestic campaigns of construction; with the awareness of this huge luggage of collective reality; Yersel is in search of the meaning and power of “micro archives”, “micro consciousness.” With her collection of spaces and narratives; she plans to work through her personal “archive” (1994-2019) containing photographic notes on Istanbul, sounds, writings and collected items, used and non-used material… –working on the archive in the sense of opening it into new forms of variations, combinations and reconsiderations; where Yersel also hopes to collaborate with artists and people from disciplines through her residency. Some of the efforts in the residency will be visible as content in the book “Therapeutic landscapes in the misty archive” that Yersel wants to publish after her residency; while some efforts will be visible in different areas.


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