Trailing Belgrade - Anna Novakov

Anna Novakov

TRAILING BELGRADE is an olfactory/video installation that taps into the epigenetic smells of Belgrade – a process of conscious and unconscious forgetting. During the course of the Ständige Vertretung intervention, the space is demarcated by a series of glass globes that emit the scents of concrete, leather, tobacco, coffee and baked goods. The looped video captures curators, critics and visitors at the Museum of Contemporary Art Salon in Belgrade describing the smells of their city.

RED LEATHER is an aural play that melds olfactory memories of the artist’s childhood in 1960s Belgrade with music and news clips of the decade. The one-hour performance, which is presented in a darkened room, asks viewers to breathe in the scents of the past – a process of mining olfactory memories. The scent score is a composition that includes the live mixing of scents, the tastes of regional food and drink and the tactile qualities of associative textiles (such as leather and wool).