ZK/U Fact Finding Committee #04: Urban Food Production - Stadtfrauenküche (SFK) SFK

Stadtfrauenküche (SFK) SFK ( Germany )

From May-August 2019 the collectiveStadtfrauenküche (SFK) at ZK/U Berlin is researching the topic "Feministics & urban food production".

After four years of part-time experimentation, cooking and curating at ZK/U Berlin, the critical view of one's own plate and beyond it, of the city, the countryside: what production-aesthetic narratives and facts, what combinations are there? Is Gundermann suitable as an herb in a raised bed? What about procurement transparency, nutrition democracy, good social aesthetics, overtaxing oneself?


Slumbering quietly in the background since 2015, SFK finally offers the ZK/FU - Center for Art, Feminism and Urbanistics its own headquarters, shining a proper light on the anonymous container that has by now been degraded to a two-dimensional info board for ZK/U’s new visitors. In the spirit of sufficiency and conservation of resources, the inside of the building has been used by the carpenters of Baufachfrau e.V. to store their valuable materials for a while now. The roof houses the beehives of the Moabees. Next to them a small garden and pergola are created in colourful harmony - a platform for small groups, a viewing point for the observation and discussion of urban wildlife.

(c) Simone Häckel, 2019