Project at ZK/U - Ilaria Lupo

Ilaria Lupo ( Italy )

Recent projects addressed the processes of urban transformations in the Levantine and The Gulf while exploring cultural production within labor in the region. This research focused on work songs compendia, their legacies within migration historically, and current blends with electronic and pop culture.

She presented several participative performances inside industrial spaces, respectively created in collaboration with sound artists/composers Joe Namy, Paed Conca and Rabih Beaini. The latest one (Nocturne for Pit Orchestra) took place at The Bahrain National Quarry. Beaini involved the site’s laborers as a live orchestra, upon a research on the pearl divers’ Fidjeri - a very complex tradition embodying a history of labor in the region. While pearl divers’ public music performances are a multicultural legacy only recently disappeared, the project dug into issues of labor, landscape reconfigurations and ecological spectres navigating the quarry’s identity.

The residency at ZK/U is supported by FARE.