Berlin Sensing Map - Seunghee Lee, Yeon Lee

Seunghee Lee ( South Korea ), Yeon Lee ( South Korea )

Sensing map project is to create a new perception of city map, which is based on the five different senses of human, memories and meaning of city places as perceived by strangers.

The project will be composed by two parts : ‘cityscape of the senses’ and ‘to create sensing map’. The aim of the artwork ‘cityscape of the senses is to awaken people’s senses’ and the second aims at to show the way to experience cities and share. we will focus on an experience the city of Berlin focusing on the five senses (sight, auditory, smell, taste, tactile) and produce images analysed by their own perspectives. Several images will be generated. The production format of these images are based on senses. Some could be produced by media or real materials, and the sensory scenes related to ‘hearing’ will perform the recording operation in order to listen with image or the sound only.

There are three aspects of the project. First, the problem of living in visualisation-dominated society as artist believes that to stimulate the five senses of human (sight, auditory, smell, taste, tactile) is important. Second, the problem of experiencing cities by imagery perspective. To gain a new perspective of understanding cities is challenging. For example, humans can find various elements of cities including architecture and interpret cities as sound city or tactile city. Also, to make an image of the city by STRANGERS memories and meanings toward places in cities. Finally, more focus on local people, to create a project to encourage social engagement is needed.