Fontana de Trevas (Murk's Fountain) - Natalia Rebelo

Natalia Rebelo ( Brazil )

Artist Natalia Rebelo will continue her film project called Fontana de Trevas (Murk’s Fountain), which started during a residency at Biquini Wax EPS, in Mexico City. The script of the piece will be a publication that is written as a sci-fi novel. Science fiction does not mean futuristic necessarily, it can also serve as a way to deal with ghosts. Natalia's Rebelo interest is in finding different forms of display for the novel besides the writing itself, which she will be working on for the next two months.

Aside artist does a collaborative performance project with Jin Mustafa and together will present the first draft. Their interest in voice, text and sound as spatial materials is the initial reason to start the collaboration.