swarm::swan - Mariana Carranza

Mariana Carranza ( Uruguay )

Swarm or swan

Swarms of stars

Flocks of stars … a swan.

Daily brain activity is mostly like a swarm of little birds, unfocused thoughts simultaneously flow in permanent change, in opposite to a meditative state. These states and other generated brain reactions of the users (mostly used in marketing) will be detected, measured in terms of energy by a BCI, translated into generative visuals animation and sounds. The most restless state will produce according movement in a swarm, the most meditative will allow the tiny light points to form a shape, the shape of a big powerful, elegant bird, a swan. The goal is to visualize the power of collective brain activity. In a collective experience the multiple users will affect each other and lead to a meditative state that allows the big swan to appear like a constellation of stars. The installation aims to experience the power of collective and spontaneous concentration and meditation. Description

Marianas project proposes an interactive audiovisual installation using bio-signals obtained by a BCI sensor (Brain Computer Interface). Through its brain activity the public will generate the formation of glowing particles in stellar constellations or their dispersion, as well as the convenient sound space for the work.