Project at ZK/U - Mariana Carranza

Mariana Carranza ( Uruguay )

During Mariana Carranza's residence at ZK/U in August 2018, the artist continued developing her project swarm::swan, which she began in 2016. It is related to catching the Brain’s waves and transforming this energy in images and sounds: By controlling the Brain activity, the visitor is able to lead a swarm of light points, like stars, to perch forming the constellation of the swan. This project had many technical and scientific parts to solve, from code to artifacts. A key element was a human-friendly helmet to catch the bio-signal. During the residency, Carranza developed the design of the helmet fitting the project. It was more like a headband, materialized using 3D print, as well as the research and also the 3D printing of dry electrodes. Now this artifact is friendly and easy to use and it will be able to take a good bio-signal. In the next steps, she will set all the parts together in an installation, which the artist hopes showing at ZK/U in the future.

In the following link you can see the project's process marianacarranza.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/swarm-swan/