Project at ZK/U - Diana Rangel

Diana Rangel ( Venezuela )

During the ZK/U Residency Diana would like to continue with her interdisciplinary research, personal practice and nodoCCS activities. Diana will organize her time in the residency half for developing her personal practice and half for a collaboration together with Maria Bilbao-Herrera, around several nodoCCS events, talks and workshops.

A video art exhibition of digitalized venezuelan and international video art pieces that have been recovered and digitalized by nodoCCS team, from Sala Mendoza an important Venezuelan private collection, and Critique Sessions are aiming to bring artists and different perspectives on selected relevant relations between art/pedagogy & society and art/philosophy & critical thinking.

During the time at ZKU, Diana will explore exhibition formats and publication possibilities for her current project: “Petare: haciendo historia”. For the last four years she has been working in collaborative art projects in Petare, one of the biggest favelas in the world, focusing in how memory and identity is constructed and deconstructed through language, culture and architecture.