Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Overview, Application and Acceptance to the Programme

Q: I am interested in your residency program and would like to come by in person to get to know you
A: The best opportunity to come by and get to know the place would be our open studio event, Openhaus, that is periodically announced on our website. In case you cannot make it to any of the Openhaus events, you can visit us on our Monday Dinners and have the opportunity to listen presentations of our resident artists and share the awesome food they cook. Please remember to send us an email before planning to join us.

Q: For the application, do you encourage proposals only from projects with process-based approach?
A: In any case it would be important to understand how you want to connect your project to the specific context of ZK/U, the neighbourhood or Berlin. Additionally, the quality and content of your artistic/ activist/ research practice will also be an important criteria for the selection process.

Q: I am hoping to apply to the upcoming residency deadline. In case my application is selected, when would I be able to do my residency?
A: After you submit your application and if selected to take part in the residency programme, you will have two years to find funding and complete your residency. Once you secure the finances for your residency, we can proceed with the exact dates of your residency. The earliest date to start your residency is in 10 weeks after the deadline of our open call. 

Q: What does it mean to get accepted to the programme?
A: Your acceptance means that your application has been found successful among other submissions, however you will still have to secure your finances to take part in the programme. Once you have been selected, you have the opportunity to take part in ZK/U’s programme in the following two years. In case it is necessary, we are happy to provide you with an official invitation letter for your funding research process to cover your stay and for your visa application. 

Q: Regarding the application requirements, should the 2 PDF documents not exceed 10 pages or just the portfolio itself?
A: Ideally the application should be concise. So no more than 10 pages for the portfolio and no more than 12 pages all together.

Q: When will you announce the results?
A: All applicants will be informed within 10 weeks after the application deadline. In case we receive a large amount of applications, we might take longer to get back to you. Please be patient, as we will take the time to inform every applicant whether they were selected or not.

Q: I’ve been a resident before — can I reapply?
A: Yes, you can be a resident again, and you do not need to apply again.

Q: Is it possible to be interested in 2 themes in the open call and work on them during the art residency?
A: You can be interested in as many themes of the call you like. What is important for us is to understand how your project fits into the themes addressed in the call.

Q: I already live in Berlin and therefore do not need accommodation. Can I still participate in the residency programme?
A: We believe the communal living and working along with other artists and researchers is an important element of the ZK/U residency. For now, however, with the COVID-19 pandemic and the current state of reconstruction of ZK/U in mind, it has been decided to not make living at ZK/U obligatory for the time being. If you live in Berlin, you can of course apply to the residency.

Selection Process

Q: How does the review process work?
A: In any case it would be important to understand how you want to connect your project to the specific context of ZK/U, the neighbourhood or Berlin. Additionally, the quality and content of your artistic/ activist/ research practice will also be an important criteria for the selection process.

Grants, Funding

Q: Can ZK/U support me in my search for funding?
A: Once you are selected, we can provide you with a list of places where you can apply to start your funding search process, as well as with an official invitation letter. However, the rest of the process and managing to secure funds will be your responsibility.

Residency Program Basics

Q: How many artists are in residence at once?
A: There are usually 12-18 artists staying at the same time in ZK/U.

Q: I originally applied for 3-4 months, but I am now considering to extend my stay. What is the longest time I could stay?
A: Please note that if you consider coming for a longer period than 6 months, we would need more information about your plan, schedule and the reasons why it would be necessary for you to prolong your stay. As this decreases the chance of other artists to take part in the residency, it is quite crucial for us to understand how a long-term residency would benefit you, your project and also how it could benefit ZK/U and its activities. We believe the best way forward would be for you to substantiate your plans, arrange your funding situation and to get back in touch with us to arrange a call and talk about the details.

Q: We are an artist duo, how much is the studio rent for two people?
A: The rental prices of the studios vary according to size and are valid for one person. It is also possible to live as a duo or with a partner in a studio, extra beds can be provided. For each additional person, 80€ per month will be charged.

Q: I will be travelling with my partner and 2 children under 12 years old.
A: It is also possible to live as a family in a studio. For each extra person, 80€ per month will be charged. Children are free of charge. In this case, we would recommend you to stay in one of the studios on the ground floor, as they are larger and have their own bathroom. Please see the studio map that indicates the sizes of each room and note that your family will be sharing the kitchen with the other residents. The park surrounding ZK/U has a playground so it is worth considering coming in the warmer months of the year.

Q: Can I have guests in my studio?
A: It is allowed to receive guests with the charge of 5€/day. An additional bed with bed linen and towels can be provided. To make everyone feel at home in the residency, we would like to ask you to give a notice to the other residents about your guests, just a couple of days prior to their arrival.

Q: Can I reserve a studio for a certain period in advance?
A: Please note that we only proceed with the booking once you can assure us that you have secured the funding/resources towards the residency costs of your stay and are able to pay the deposit of 500€ to secure your booking.

Q: I have decided for a studio. What are the next steps to follow in order to secure my place?
A:  We are happy to confirm the booking of your residency once you have reviewed the contract, returned it to us signed, and once we have received your deposit.

Q: What do I need to organize before coming to ZK/U?
A: Before coming to ZK/U, please make sure to organize your funding, visa and health insurance.

Costs, Obligations

Q: What is included in the fee? Which extra expenses will I have?
A: With your residency fee you have access to your studio, a bathroom (or a shared bathroom with another resident, depending on your studio type), towels and bedding. This also includes the utility costs (i.e. heating, water, electricity, internet connection, etc.); use of common spaces (kitchen, common working lounge, terrace). Production costs, food and transportation are not included as well as the general costs for kitchen (i.e. dishwashing soap etc. as they are used communally). You will have to to cover your own costs for the health insurance. In case you want to register your address at ZK/U, you will have to cover the broadcast licence fee of 17.50€ per month for TV, radio and computers, no matter how many devices you own. Every registered citizen or household in Germany has to pay this contribution. Additionally, we support you with your work presentation to a selected audience, monthly curator studio visits (if desired), at least one public group presentation, online and local promotion of the public group event, and the opportunity to propose extra workshop, screening, discussion, event.



Q: Can I request a specific studio or room in the house?
A: We try to match everyone’s desires in terms of studio and dates, in accordance with what we have available.

Q: What kind of storage space is available for my things?
A: The studios are of a reasonable size and your specific requirements will be discussed in advance during the pre-residency period. The living quarters have a closet for clothing.

Q: How do I get around the city?
A: By Bike: We offer a used bike bank where you can rent one of our bikes to explore the city. It costs 20€ for the first month and 10€ for each following month. 
By Public Transportation: Berlin is easy to travel by public transportation. You pay 2,80€ for a single Ticket, 7€ for a day pass and 81€ for a monthly pass. See the BVG website or download the BVG app for more information and a network plan:

Support, Food, Amenities

Q: Are meals provided?
A: No. However, residents are free to cook in our communal kitchen knowing that the best bonds are formed in the kitchen!

Q: How does ZK/U support me in my artistic practice?
A: We organize OPENHAUS events, usually every month but currently in a more irregular rhythm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where the residents get the chance to present their work in progress to a broader audience and to engage in conversations. Additionally, we arrange 1-2 studio visits per month by curators, artists and relevant experts to support your artistic development and visibility. You also have the opportunity to present your work to a selected audience; or via online and local promotion of your work in the public group event. Furthermore you have the opportunity to propose extra workshop, screening, discussion, event.

Social Aspect, Surrounding Area

Q: How is life at ZK/U? How much will I be involved?
A: Once you start your residency you are part of the ZK/U family! You share a communal kitchen and a beautiful terrace with up to 14 other artists and researchers working in the field of arts and urbanism from various backgrounds. Life at ZK/U is community-oriented and we strongly encourage residents to get involved with the place and its people. You have the chance to share inspiration and discuss your projects with like-minded people. Every Monday we share a collective dinner with presentations and delicious food. We often invite our friends and collaborators to join. Living in a community also means that everyone is responsible for taking care of the space. Everyone is contributing with regular shifts of household chores.

Q: How is the environment of ZK/U?
A: ZK/U is surrounded by a vibrant public park which plays a central role in the neighbourhood of Moabit. Because of this status of semi-public place, the residency area is off-limit to the public, but it does happen that outsiders cross over to the residency space. ZK/U further hosts public and private events in the building. Surrounded on all sides by water and with the advent of industrialization at the beginning of the twentieth century, Moabit became an important manufacturing area. Goods were transported to and from Berlin via this railway depot and Berlin‘s largest inland port, Westhafen. Going to Mitte from ZK/U takes 25 mins by public transportation and 20 mins by bike. In the same way, going to Kreuzberg takes 35 min by bike and 30 min by public transportation.

Q: Are there any social or public events planned?
A: Artists are encouraged to participate in OPENHAUS - a community event usually scheduled for the third Thursday evening of every other month - and our communal weekly Monday Dinners where presentations of residents are accompanied by communal cooking. It is important to note, however, that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, OPENHAUS takes place less regularly depending on the most recent lockdown measures. The residency team also bridges the fellow’s interests to the program of ZK/U, informs the residents about events and discourses taking place in the city and can support them in understanding the milieu they are working and living in. Residents are encouraged to attend ZK/U’s public program which offers a variety of established formats like the GÜTERMARKT and SPEISEKINO or in events, exhibitions, workshops and conferences organized through long term projects in partnership with local and international organisations.