C/LENS: Chinese Indie Cinema in Berlin


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ZK/U BerlinSiemensstr. 27, 10551, Berlin, Germany

C/LENS  is a Berlin-based, non-profit film curation project that explores the potential of cinema as a space for transcultural dialogues, through the showcase of rarely exhibited Chinese independent films.

The curated film series mainly focuses on socio-political issues regarding women, migration and urbanization represented in Chinese filmmakers’ works. By introducing the less-known yet vibrant Chinese indie cinema to the European audience, we want to unfold the complex realities of contemporary China with insider perspectives, evoking new reflections through challenging a eurocentric view.

With an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, the project aspires to create a public space and bring different groups together through film curation and exhibition, where exchanges, reflections, and further actions are not only welcome but encouraged.

Besides the viewing experience, through a variety of activities including Q&A sessions and panel discussions, the project seeks to create a unique opportunity for the audience to connect with each other, and engage in dialogues with filmmakers alongside curators, scholars, etc. We look forward to meeting viewers from diverse backgrounds, who bring along their own experiences, emotions and perspectives into the cinema, and co-create a community of mutual understanding and solidarity.

Film Screening #1: Still Tomorrow (《摇摇晃晃的人间》)

Curated Film Program: New Woman, New Narrative

Film Screening #1: Still Tomorrow (《摇摇晃晃的人间》)

[Speisekino Program] Berlin x Chengdu: an Encounter

July 14 2022 I 19:30 - 24:00

C/LENS meets ZK/U Speisekino

[Speisekino Program] Berlin x Chengdu: an Encounter

Indie Chinese Cinema Week (ICCW)

25.11. - 03.12.2022

presented by C/LENS

Indie Chinese Cinema Week (ICCW)