Baufachfrau Berlin

Upcycling/Open Design Station for Scrap Wood

In professional woodworking companies a huge amount of rest pieces of wood – especially board materials – accrue and are mostly dedicated to be thrown in the dust bins. The intention of the project .hikk offensiv  is to highlight the potentials of these materials – in particular for the benefit of social institutions an organizations.
Between April and October 2016 the container in front of the ZK/U will transform into a pop-up-workshop for upcycling and open design!

Scrap wood from woodworking companies will be collected and used

-       in a series of open-design-workshops: with people from social projects as well as interested visitors we will built interiors, furniture and accessories!

-       as a give-away for people in need for projects as well as home-use.

Detailed informations about opening hours and upcoming events are available under