Vangjush Vellahu


Vangjush Vellahu is a visual artist, born in Pogradec, Albania. He studied design and art in Bucharest and Kiel and currently lives and works between Berlin and Tirana.
In his practice he is focused on different forms of storytelling particular to specific communities. He is interested in travel as a medium to collect and tell stories. His works intertwine urban histories of entities that from an ideological and political standpoint remain on the margins of recognition.
Vellahu’s travels often take the shape of journal-like reconfigurations that attempt at re-defining the understanding of what borders and territories represent today. His desire to travel comes from an impulse to cross such structures – to link the past with the imagination of a possible future, to relate where he came from and where he is heading. To recreate a specific feeling, a feeling of uncertainty, alienation, but also of home.