Valentina Martinez Mariscal


Valentina is an urban enthusiast, intercultural engineer, and semi-professional dancer from Mexico. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation at la Sorbonne in Paris, doing research on experiments in creative urbanism, urban artivism, and emerging third places in urban design that enhance civic engagement. Valentina believes in viewing community-organizing and cultural transformation with an aesthetic eye, which is why her research project involves exploring communities of urban activists and urban professionals that work across the fields or art, urbanism, communication, design and social work. Her research explores the concept of bottom-up creative platforms for participation in cities and emerging practices and experiments in urban contexts where    new and alternative third places are being created.

Valentina has been working particularly with two temporary urbanism projects in Paris and in London, and has been looking into different projects and examples of using spaces differently in the world. She is based in Paris, France and Levanger, Norway. While    in Berlin she will be exploring the city’s creative urban activist hubs. She would like to meet and collaborate with artists    and other scholars interested in    urban issues and discussing, as well as experimenting with the broad sense of design and creation, from spaces, to new organizations, to workshops and events for themselves and for others.