Simon Daniel Tegnander


My artistic practice finds itself within a broad spectrum of mediums, I experiment with the borders between performance, installation, sound and video, and tend to combine these in my works. I often work site-specific and use the sites both as stages and co-performers, I get attracted to the spaces in between: sites easily overlooked or used as transitions to other spaces. Examples of in between spaces I have engaged with are train stations, staircases, rooftops, abandoned buildings, tunnels and toilets. 

Something that seems to recur in my works is a sense of melancholy and longing with an underlying discomfort. I am interested in how the technological development impacts humans and nature on different levels, personal and political. I’m drawn to the dark aspects of humans and try to examine metamorphoses, which forces that define what is or how we create our reality, and what occurs in such processes. 

Lately I have been working on a magic realistic documentary about landscape and youth identity, going back and examining my own background but through the eyes of my duo-project, Tokyo Twins, together with Anne Ødegård, a vehicle for doing artworks and research inspired by ideas of science fiction, transhuman technology and electronic music.