Mariana Carranza


Video+Digital-Art . Interactive Design . Generative Gestaltung . Installations . Performances

Artist with multidisciplinary background, study of architecture at University of Montevideo.
Completion of artistic education in Latin America, USA, Spain and Germany thanks to several scholarships.

Early involvement with dance and choreography. Working with new technologies, video production, digital media and creative programming since 1988.
Besides studying mathematics at a German University and successfully acquitted courses at Coursera and Udacity.

Individual and collective exhibitions in America, Europe and Asia, as well as lectures at Universities of Salvador and Montevideo and collaborations with Art-Schools from Sweden and France. For her activities she has received international recognition and awards.

In association with Arch. S.Wolf she established poiesis studio for architecture and arts. Member of the I-Arch bodies collective. Projects cooperation at Medialab Prado in Madrid. Cofounder of MuMaLab (hacker space Munich) and ArtLabCdF (interdisciplinary co-creative platform).

Her work focuses in the creation of interactive spaces, experimenting with the interfaces between bodies, movement, image and sound; combining poetry and technology; encouraging to participation and co-creation; aiming to awake awareness about social / political situations.


Geneviève Morgan, artist; Stephan Wolf, architect.