Ekaterina Kravtsova


Ekaterina Kravtsova is a visual artist with a background in graphic design, currently based in Moscow, Russia. She uses communication and narrative to generate different kinds of knowledge of place and local people. Using photography and video, performance and installation her works explore the interactive potential of art as a research tool and its capacity for social and environmental change.
Since 2011 after participating in UNIDEE program of Cittadellarte, Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation, with the idea of using art for responsible change of the society, Ekaterina Kravtsova made projects with different communities, Ukrainian immigrants in Italy (CARRY EACH OTHER, 2011), girls from desert village of Rajasthan, India (Time Conservation, 2011), in Sami commune over polar circle in Norway (WomanLand, A New Apartment Every Month, 2012), below the equator, in Tanzania (SetUp, Hakuna Matata, 2013) and in academic Cambridge, UK (Sale, 2013).

''Experiencing challenges in so different communities I am looking on new ways to enhance the potential of socially engaged and collaborative practices.''