Asha Bee Abraham


Asha Bee Abraham is a human ecologist and participatory artist. Her work focuses on connections – connections to each other, connections to place and our wider ecologies, and connections to our selves. Society, soil and soul. Asha’s practice is informed by her background as a human ecologist and her research and work in the field of sustainable community development.

Asha’s most recent project, In Passing, gathered over 100 women from the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick to share their everyday experiences of gender, power and public space through games of pass-the-parcel (

Previous projects have included The Australian Future Foods Lab (2013), Merlynston Village Green (2011), and D.I.O. Skillshares (2009, Totnes, England). Her writing has appeared in publications such as Assemble Papers, un Magazine, Chain Reaction and Agenda. She completed her Human Ecology MSc in 2008 in Glasgow’s Centre for Human Ecology.