Project at ZK/U - Kristin Tårnes

Kristin Tårnes ( Norway )

During my stay at ZK/U I would like to spend most of the time getting to know the art scene in Berlin, by both seeing exhibitions and try to get to know people living and working there. This could also be a great opportunity to establish links between the art scene in the north and in Berlin. Since I am working with Kurant it could potentially lead to collaborations in relation to Kurant. The opportunity to interact with other artists staying at ZK/U will be an important part of this. 

I also would like to continue working on a series of photo books. When I travel I like walking around. While walking I take snapshots of things I see in the street. Things I find interesting, funny and strange. Later I organize the pictures into some sort of categories. It is not always clear why a certain group of images belong together, it might be text, colour or some sort of theme. Sometimes I put together images taken in different cities. Then I start making a photo book from one category. Some images might be discarded at this point, but saved for possible use later. I want the images to function as a kind of narrative without it being a very literal story.

This residency is possible thanks to the support and the partnership with ArtBase Helgeland 66°N.