INTERZONES: Embedded in The Postnatural Garden - Laura Skehan

A Drowning Melted Persistent Memory 2023 (c) Laura Skehan

Laura Skehan ( Ireland )

During her residency at ZK/U, Laura Skehan will lead a research project that will explore the garden and the local community's relationship with the space around ZK/U. Through conversation and storytelling, care and compassion, she will nurture this relationship as a brief passer-by, and using the observations she makes while working with the garden, Skehan will continue to explore the concept of nature and culture as a collective.  Her aim is to uncover a 'public' that encompasses both the human and the more than human through a series of propositions that have the potential to become political action. 
The research will unfold through sculptural interventions, video and sound installations to explore embedded identity in relation to the social complexities of gentrification, relating  the socio-economic concept to as a potential fungus feeding on cultural memory, while using writing and performance techniques to reflect on the use of urban green spaces as sites of ritual for counter-cultural movements, anti-capitalism and grassroots activism.


Mutual Taming 2023 (c) Graham Coogan
Mutual Taming 2023 (c) Graham Coogan
A Future Distant Memory Calls 2023 (c) Graham Coogan
Ancestral Healing Configuration 003 2023 (c) Louis Haugh
Diaphanous Fractures 2023 (c) Louis Haugh
Political Land, Poetic Territory 2016 (c) Paul McAree
A Seed Grows With No Sound 2021 (c) Laura Skehan

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