Ambiguous Grounds - Ari David

In Spite of Everything, 2023 © Ari David

Ari David ( Netherlands )

During their stay at ZK/U, Ari David will develop a research project entitled Ambiguous Grounds. The project aims to reflect on the relationship between the body and public space by borrowing strategies from visual art. During the residency, David will experiment with the ways in which presence is scripted in the West and how these scripts can be unravelled and defamiliarized. The public space will be considered as a stage, investigating its theatricality, exposure and vulnerability, blurring the boundaries between spectatorship and spectacle, audience and performer, personal and public space

In Spite of Everything, 2023 © Jake Caleb
Siren Song, 2023 © Ari David
A Year Without A Summer, 2021 © Marta Hryniuk
A Watched Pot Never Boils, 2022 © Tereza Havlínková
Waiting Tenses, 2020 © Lili Huston-Herterich and Sophie Bates
See Something Suspicious, 2018 © Tor Jonsson
Fangless, 2017 © Carina Edermann

This residency is supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).