Soup of Time - Aliaxey Talstou

Nuclear Explosion T1, 2023 (c) Aliaxey Talstou

Aliaxey Talstou ( Germany )

Soup of Time is a series of drawings, paintings, text, and videos that focus on the theme of crisis as one of the key aspects of today’s society. The project covers various topics like digital techs, world social and political events, conspiracy theories, climate disasters, and others. Over the time, the narrative developed featuring the protagonist, Tiger, the stray dog that survived the disaster and resolves to save the world. Soup of Time is set as a story that is being told through the series of artworks of different media that are created and presented as its chapters.

Black Flag 2, 2023 (c) Aliaxey Talstou
Contrail, 2022 (c) Aliaxey Talstou
Two Fires 2, 2023 (c) Aliaxey Talstou
Macht on Fire, 2023 (c) Aliaxey Talstou