Conscious Newsroom - Min Yoon

Conscious Newsroom, image by Meri Karhu, 2024

Min Yoon ( South Korea, United States )

“The Conscious Newsroom” is a dance research project, exploring how people’s bodies remember the Berlin Wall, the division, confusion, fantasies, fall, excitement, reunifion, intgration, and what remains in how we coexist in the city together. When first visiting Berlin, Min was moved by Berlin’s unique ways of integrating and modernizing its historical sites into its daily architecture, like memorial scars. 

Growing up in Korea and the US, the Berlin Wall has been a symbol for reunification. Starting this project today, Min invites looking at the past creatively, as a detached / less charged exploration of divisions, with questions of any possible parallels with the atrocities people in different countries face. 

In February, Min is looking for people with memories of the Berlin Wall for research. More here:


There will be an initial showing at ZK/U’s OPENHAUS on 21 March 2024, with plans for further future creative sharing.

Min Yoon at ZK/U, (c) Elisa Georgi.
Min Yoon at ZK/U, (c) Elisa Georgi.
Conscious Newsroom, image by Min Yoon, 2024
Joker’s Remorse, image by Jacob Stolz, 2022
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Relume, Min Yoon with Wieland Möller, image by Min Yoon, 2023
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