Pfand Straße - Lena Wegmann, Nico Angiuli

(c) Niko Angiuli

Lena Wegmann , Nico Angiuli

Are the collectors of empty bottles and cans workers? Do they perceive themselves as such among themselves? And how are they seen by local residents? - Pfand Straße was a process-oriented artistic research to get in touch with people who work as bottle collectors in Moabit and especially in the Stadtgarten around ZK/U. 

The bottle collectors obviously move on an economic and social edge that is recognisable and aimed at the remnants of the entertainment that circles the places of entertainment; a phenomenon that is spreading in Berlin as in the rest of the world: from Tirana to Medellín, from Cairo to New York. Berlin's can and bottle pickers stand as a heterogeneous and unstructured community, perceived as many individuals operating with the same dynamics but for different motivation. 

Following traces of collecting bottles, Pfand Straße was looking for artistic tools at eye level to creates encounters and build community. It disrupted invisibility without exhibiting, but rather encouraged to make contact and get to know the people, their stories and their daily lives behind the bottles. It eventually questioned the common perception, what is labeled as labour and what not. 

Pfand Straße wanted to activate a collective action and reflection among bottle collectors in Moabit and Z/KU in Berlin; fostering a moment of connection between the different souls that give life to this informal community.

(c) Niko Angiuli

This residency is part of the project „Take Care“ initiated by ZK/U, curated and executed by Lena Wegmann.

Funded by STIFTUNG KUNSTFONDS from the program of the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) NEUSTART KULTUR.