Nodal Narratives of the Deep Sea - Aarti Sunder

"Nodal Narratives of the Deepsea" (c) Aarti Sunder

Aarti Sunder ( India )

This project was a story of hidden critical infrastructure that was part investigative, part narrative fictive and part instructional, and was an exploration of how human and non-human lives interact with and exist alongside deep-sea cables. It rested on not only underlining the immense importance of submarine cables (often left to the realm of curiosity and footnotes) as historical conduits of power, resource allocation, distribution and labor, but also looked at its layers of in/visibility.

"Nodal Narratives of the Deepsea" (c) Aarti Sunder
"We Owe Each Other Everything" (c) Aarti Sunder

This residency is funded in collaboration with Junge Akademie der Künste Berlin under the program “AI Anarchies”.